Longrich Hypertension Reversal Kit


The Longrich Hypertension Reversal Kit is a combination of products that lower and treats high blood pressure. With so many top quality and effective products from Longrich Bioscience International, these products are proven to be effective against hypertension and similar heart diseases.

Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If this pressure rises and stays high over time, it can damage the body in many ways.

(top number)
(bottom number)
NormalLess than 120AndLess than 80
High blood pressure
     Stage 1140–159Or90–99
     Stage 2160 or higherOr100 or higher

Blood pressure doesn’t stay the same all the time. It lowers as you sleep and rises when you wake up. Blood pressure also rises when you’re excited, nervous, or active. If your numbers stay above normal most of the time, you’re at risk for health problems. The risk grows as blood pressure numbers rise. “Prehypertension” means you may end up with HBP, unless you take steps to prevent it.

If you’re being treated for HBP and have repeat readings in the normal range, your blood pressure is under control. However, you still have the condition. You should get this kit as soon as possible.

Longrich Products for High Blood Pressure

The Longrich Hypertension Reversal Kit contains the following for high blood pressure treatment;

  • Longrich Pi Cup (turns water to alkaline and no disease can survive an alkaline environment)
  • Longrich Berry Oil (good for cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure)
  • Longrich Calcium (good for organs)
  • Longrich Nutri V Pink (for hypertension)
  • Longrich Tiangiang (Brown) Tea (reduces cholesterol/fat in the arteries and regulates blood pressure)

Price of the Hypertension Reversal Kit

The Longrich products for high blood pressure cost N88,050. However, if you order today, you can buy the kit at the promo price of N75,900. You can’t get this price anywhere else, plus we offer free delivery to anywhere you are in the world.

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Longrich Products for Low Blood Pressure

For Hypotension, that is, Low Blood Pressure, the following Longrich products are needed;

  • Nutri V Blue
  • Berry Oil and
  • Energy Pi Cup

Price is N80,000 N68,900 for today only. Grab this offer today to say bye bye to low blood pressure.

To order for the Longrich products for hypotension online, click here to order via WhatsApp or here +2348079888878.