Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Sanitary Pads: Benefits & Price


Unlike other sanitary pads in the market, Longrich Sanitary Pads have proven to go beyond just holding the monthly menstrual flow only as it contains anions, far infrared and magnetism properties that prevent and cure some gynaecological diseases in women.

It has been reported that the usual sanitary pads contribute to a larger part of women with cervical cancer. Manufacturers of these pads use a dangerous chemical called Dioxin to achieve the look of purity. It is the chemical used to bleach the cotton and cellulose wood pulp to give it a white colour.

Dioxin is a potent carcinogen. Though the exposure to dioxin through sanitary pads is deemed insignificant by these manufacturers, however, on average, a woman is said to use about 11,000 to 17,000 sanitary pads during her lifetime. This makes dioxin to get accumulated in the body and has the potential to cause cancers like cervical cancer and ovarian cancer.

Date from World Health Organisation (WHO) demonstrates that;

  • Each year, over 300,000 women die of cervical cancer all over the world. The number is increasing at an annual rate of 30%.
  • The youngest patient of cervical cancer aged only 18 and unmarried.
  • According to the data by WHO in 2008, 40% of adult females are afflicted with infections of the reproductive system and other gynaecological diseases to various degrees. The prevalence is as high as 83.6% among married women.

Another reason that will make you stop wearing the usual synthetic sanitary pad is the increased risks of vaginal infections. The Plasticizers like BPA and synthetic linings of these sanitary pads can result in the increased risk of exposure to bacteria and yeasts. This is why infection keeps coming back even after using drugs because you keep on using synthetic pads.

The third reason is that it comprises your reproductive health system. This is one of the reasons why we are having many cases of infertility especially in the cities where these pads are in massive use.

So What is the Way Out?

A beautiful fragrance is associated with the freshness of sanitary napkins. But the price that you are paying for having an odour-free period is not worth it at all.

This is why you should be using sanitary pads with non-synthetic, biodegradable and chemical-free sanitary pads. And this is where Longrich sanitary pads come in. The Longrich SuperbKlean Sanitary Napkins were made with Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anions.

It is not only free of chemical, but it is also lad with anions, far infrared and magnetism properties capable of preventing and curing gynaecological diseases and infections.

Longrich pads are refined with green chip technology, which partially activates the human bio-energy field and produces far-infrared emission resulting in a large number of negative ions. This accelerates intracellular electrical activity which improves blood circulation, vaginal enzyme content, promotes increased acid secretion and strengthens women self-protection capability. The antibacterial action eliminates odour and protects from itching. This high-technology product prevents internal diseases to ensure sound reproductive health.

Benefits of Longrich SuperbKlean Sanitary Pads

  • Longrich sanitary pad kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • It’s comfortable
  • It is a leak-free pad
  • It is safe to use
  • It contains 8 layers of protection
  • It prevents dysmenorrhea
  • This pad prevents and cures toilet infections and STDs
  • It is anti-inflammation
  • It preserves health
  • Longrich pad relieves menstrual pain
  • It is anti-bacterial
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • The pad eliminates odour
  • It promotes metabolism
  • It improves endocrine/glandular function
  • The pad enhances immunity
  • It energizes the body
  • It helps relieve stress
  • It takes care of itching

Price and Where to Buy Longrich Sanitary Pad

A carton of Longrich Superbklean Sanitary Pad is selling for N21,000. A carton contains 18 packs and we have about 8 to 10 pieces in each pack.

To purchase 1 or more carton of Longrich Superbklean Sanitary Napkins anywhere you are, kindly WhatsApp me on 08079888878 and we will deliver to your doorstep. It is payment before delivery.