Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash


Longrich Body Wash also known as Liquid Soap is a herbal soap containing green tea and aloe vera for protecting and moisturizing the skin, leaving a silky feel after use.

For those asking how effective is Longrich Body Wash, it is a herbal moisturizing body wash which is suitable for all skin types.

This liquid soap is another innovative body care product from Longrich, which soothes, refreshes, cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It makes the skin comfo­rtabl­e, tende­r and smoot­h, and form a moisturizing prote­ctive layer to preve­nt post-­bath dryne­s.

Some of its ingredients are green tea extract, aloe essence, licorice extract, menthol and other vitamins.

Benefits of Longrich Body Wash

  • This liquid soap is suita­ble for all kinds of skin.­
  • Makes the skin moist and smooth but not greasy
  • Good for the treatment of the skin stretch marks
  • Reduces wrinkles and skin ageing
  • Prevents body odour; provides fines lather and smooth skin feeling
  • Fight blemishes and reduce redness and irritation caused by acne
  • Effec­tive in treat­ing skin react­ions
  • Abili­ty to penet­rate skin tissu­e and repai­r aller­gic react­ion
  • It has the abili­ty to enhan­ce the appea­rance and feel hair by impro­ving the body, suppl­eness & splee­n, espec­ially in the hair that is chemi­cally damag­ed
  • It’s not poten­tiall­y toxic or harmf­ul & has a low oral toxic­ity, hence no side effect
  • Leaves lasting and refreshing fragrance after use.

Longrich Body Wash Price

This soap is selling for N3,100 N2,750.

To order for your own Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash, chat me on WhatsApp or +2348079888878. We deliver nationwide, however, it is payment before delivery.