Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee


Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee is a special blend of cordyceps militaris and coffee beans, specially formulated to improve health. For the lovers of coffee, you do not have reason to fear the side effects of your usual coffee drink anymore.

All benefits that the fungus Cordyceps militaris has to offer are all embedded in this lovely and tasty drink, just as it’s seen in Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Capsule.

Some of the most interesting health benefits of this parasitic fungus are its ability to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, takes care of the heart, detoxify the body, prevent certain types of cancer, slow the ageing process, increase energy and improve the immune system.

Longrich Coffee Ingredients

The Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee is a decaffeinated drink and it not only contains Cordyceps militaris, it also contains palm kernel oil and other ingredients.

Palm kernel is well known for its numerous health benefits of preventing and healing life-threatening illnesses.

Palm kernel oil does not only remove toxins from the body but also purifies every cell of the body as well as rejuvenating them. It is also good for epilepsy, prevents ageing and helps controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.

Do you see why the Longrich Cordyceps Militaris coffee is a must for every family?

15 Benefits of Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee

What does Longrich coffee do? See the 15 health benefits below;

  • It enhances and strengthens the immune system
  • It improves physical performance
  • It provides anti-ageing and fatigue-reducing effects
  • It also increases sperm production as well as improves its quality
  • It is great for convalescents (those recovering from illness)
  • Improves respiratory functions
  • It enhances cellular oxygen intake
  • Protects the liver and kidneys
  • It does not prevent sleep at night
  • It enhances sexual vitality
  • It reduces cholesterol and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar
  • It helps muscle building and improves physical performance
  • It increases sex drive of patients with low libido
  • It contains all essential 18 amino acids, vitamins E, K, B1, B2, B12, polysaccharide, protein, sterol, nucleoside, macro and microelements
  • And it is suitable for all.

I have met some people who are curious to know Longrich coffee side effects, well the coffee is suitable for everyone.

How Much is Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee?

So what is Longrich coffee price? This coffee is selling for the price of N2,350 N2,050.

Where to buy? To buy Longrich coffee, click here to order via WhatsApp or call 08079888878.

How to Prepare?

  • Pour 1 stick of coffee into the cup at first.
  • Add 150ml hot water at 80oC into the cup.
  • Stir well and serve.

There are 10 sticks of coffee in a pack.

Click here to order via WhatsApp to order for yours and we will deliver to your doorstep. Note that it is payment before delivery.