Longrich Classy Style Energy Pots (24cm & 28cm): All You Need to Know


The Longrich Classy Style Energy Pot works the same as the Longrich energy cup but this is used for cooking food instead. Acidic foods cooked in this energy pot are converted to alkaline.

In addition, when you cook food in this pot, the food remains fresh for a long time without spoiling, losing its flavour or taste.

The Longrich Classy Style Energy Pot was created by using the technology of physical “field synergy” effect. Its core technology is “sixty-four harmonious column matrix”, also known as “Harmonious Energy” generation system, which is the exclusive innovation of China with world-leading technology.

The Longrich energy pan can be used on electromagnetic stoves, ovens, electric stoves, solar cookers or gas stoves.

Features of Longrich Energy Pot

  • The Longrich Energy Pot is made with the finest 304 and 340 types grade stainless steel as against the conventional aluminium which causes cancer.
  • The pot type is the straight barrel (24cm) which prevents the heat at the bottom of the pot from burning food.
  • The smell of fish or mutton can be removed in the energy pot during cooking without using ginger, onion and cooking wine.
  • The food cooked in the energy pot for a long time remains fresh and tender.
  • Soup cooked in the energy pot is clear and does not taste greasy.
  • Vegetables retain their original colour and taste.
  • The Longrich Energy Pot comes in 2 sizes; 24cm and 28cm.
  • Soup cooked in the pot is clear, tastes fresh and the bottom of the pot does not paste (non-sticky).
  • The resonance from the cover and the earthen base of the pot creates anion environment, hence purifying and Alkalinizing water boiled with it, which can take care of any skin infection.
  • Fruits and veggies kept in this pot remain fresh even after 3 days.

Health Benefits of Using the Longrich Energy Pot to Cook

  • It maintains the taste of each ingredient during and after cooking with the energy pot.
  • Reactivates cells that help in maintaining youth.
  • Generates an energy field that has a repairing function in our bodies.
  • Safe for those with kidney problems.
  • Improves blood oxygen.
  • Great for gout patients.
  • Preserves nutrients in food and vegetables.
  • Changes the texture and flavours of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Preserves the food even if it’s cooked for too long.
  • Dissolves chemical compounds, hormones and toxins present in food.
  • Molecules in the pot have the effect of lowering cholesterol and maintaining health and youth.
  • Food stays fresh and tasty even after cooking for too long.
  • The components of this pot include titanium element, which has a lot of health benefits as compared to using stainless steel or aluminium pots, which has been confirmed as the propensity of producing cancer elements over time.
  • Water boiled with this energy pot helps to lower high blood pressure and enhances the regulation of cholesterol. Water from this pot also helps to clear pimples and acne. Food cooked in this pot remains fresh and keeps all nutrients.

How Much is the Longrich Energy Pot

The price of the Longrich Energy Pot depends on the size you want to buy.

Longrich Pots price;

  • Longrich Energy Pot Size 24cm: N90,000 N75,500
  • Longrich Energy Pot Size 28cm: N94,000 N79,000

To order one or both energy pot, click here to order via WhatsApp or 08079888878. We can deliver to your doorstep anywhere you are in the world, however, it is payment before delivery.