Longrich 5D Energy Baby Diaper (X, M, L, XL)


Another wonderful product from the Longrich baby products is the Longrich 5D Baby Diapers. Like all other products, Longrich diapers are made up of natural materials, no synthetics.

We all know issues that come with using our usual diapers which cause rashes and itches on our baby bum bum. Some are so bad that it leaks.

Longrich baby diapers solve these problems. Your baby can now wear Longrich 5D Baby Diaper and actually sleep like a baby.

The Longrich baby diaper, which is made from a premium breathable bottom film, is environmentally-friendly with an elastic waist part designed for super comfortable wear without tying too much to the baby belly.

Longrich Baby Diaper Benefits

  • It prevents rashes and itching
  • It is comfortable and close to the skin
  • Think and breathable
  • The diapers are super absorbable
  • Side leakage prevention design
  • Back leakage prevention design
  • Quick dry without reverse effusion
  • T-shaped and dual-layered.

Treat your baby with the best baby diaper in the world and let him/her stay happy 24/7.

Price of Longrich Diapers

Longrich diaper is selling for N4,450 N4,000

Click here to order all your Longrich baby products via WhatsApp or call +2348079888878. Note that we do not offer payment on delivery.