Benefits of Longrich Panty Liner, Price, How to Activate and Use It


Longrich Superbklean Anti-Bacteria Panty Liner is one of the most popular products of Longrich and the reason is not far-fetched. It is because it is a great and must-have product for every woman and men above 40 as it prevents and cures prostate cancer in men.

Longrich panty liner is a material made of cotton and looks just like the normal sanitary pad but it is not designed for menstruation, rather it is made to prevent and cure diseases.

Components of Longrich Panty Liner

On the panty liner is a green magnetic anion strip which does all the work. It has embedded in it a Bio-Magnetic Energy, Anion, and Far Infrared, which helps treat infections, kills harmful bacteria (99.9% of bacteria), eliminates odour, menstrual pains, vaginal itching, etc.

Bio-Magnetic Energy gives energy, enhances self-protection and stimulates the body magnetic feed to speed up the discharge of toxins from the body, hence it toxifies.

Far Infrared prevents and cures gynaecological diseases such as fallopian tube blockage, fibroid, ovarian cysts, vaginal infections etc.

Anions kill bacteria, thus eliminating odour, prevents itching, cures, prevents rashes and boils around the vagina.  

Longrich Panty Liner
This is the carton size of the Longrich Panty Liner. It contains 18 packs and 30 pieces in each pack.

Benefits of Longrich Panty Liner

  1. Corrects hormonal imbalance
  2. Corrects ovulation cycle
  3. Protects from infections and also disinfects
  4. Troughs a blocked fallopian tube by clearing, extracting and evacuating the obstruction
  5. The best antidote to family planning
  6. Resets a displaced womb
  7. Debases and removes a developing fibroid at its early stage
  8. Relieves muscular and joint pains
  9. Dissolves tough boils and growths
  10. A great remedy to infertility.

How to Activate and Use Longrich Panty Liner

Before you can use the panty liners, it needs to be activated. To active the Longrich panty liner, open it up and sprinkle water on the green strip. Then wear it just like you would wear your normal sanitary pad.

Wear one, morning till evening. Replace in the evening after night bath for overnight wear.

As a man, attach it on your pant or boxers but not as a woman would. It should be worn below your belly button or put it inside your shoe.

How to Use Longrich Panty Liner

Kindly watch the video below on how to properly use and wear Longrich panty liner as a woman and as a man.

How to Wear Longrich Panty Liner

Also, you can place the activated pantyliner on the affected area and bandage it for firmness (this applies to benefits 8 and 9 above).

Longrich Panty Liner Water Therapy

For stubborn and chronic health conditions such as infection, infertility, fibroid, prostate, etc, you can use water therapy. Follow the steps below;

  1. Get a small-sized table water bottle of 75 cl.
  2. Open up 3 pieces of Longrich panty liner and remove the green strip.
  3. Put all the 3 green anion strip inside the bottle and fill it up with clean water. For the big Eva water bottle, use 6 green strips.
  4. Leave it for 24 hours before you start drinking the water.
  5. Put more water, leave it for a few minutes and continue to drink from it (no need to wait for 24 hours).
  6. Drink from the water as much as you can and throw it away after 1 week. Then repeat the steps again.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Longrich panty liner CAN NOT be used by pregnant women.

How Much is Longrich Panty Liner?

Longrich’s Superbklean Magnetic Panty Liner cost N20,400 N21,000 and we can deliver to your doorstep anywhere you are in Nigeria.

Are you suffering from any kind of gynaecological disease? Are you or do you know any man suffering from prostate cancer?

Then you should buy Longrich panty liner. WhatsApp me right now on 08079888878. It is payment before delivery.