Benefits of Longrich Energy Shoes (Male & Female)


We all wear shoes only for fashion, but the Longrich Aplus Energy Shoes does not only serve as a human power bank, but it is also used to prevent and treat several diseases as you’ll learn in a bit.

Longrich APlus Energy shoe is the first human power bank that stimulates blood circulation and all internal organs to a natural healing. It balances and aligns all the angle of the bones and cures joint problem. It increases natural healing and maintains body balance and burns fat. You can never run out of energy or feel tired while wearing the shoe. You can even wear it in bed.

Longrich Men’s Energy Shoe (Black)

Why is the Longrich a-plus energy shoe so special?

The foot is to us what the root is to trees. Because of its position, your foot mirrors your general health. It is termed the “second heart” of the human body.

The foot amount for 25% of the bones in the human body. It carries one-half of the body’s weight when walking. With so many nerve endings in the foot, it is one of the nerve-rich parts of the body.

How Does It Work?

The Longrich A-plus energy shoe contains super-magnetic energy and herbal materials which synergically stimulate reflex/acupuncture points, known as reflex zones, on the foot.

This action enhances musculoskeletal activities as well as blood circulation to organs whose channels terminate on the foot. Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen supply to those organs, thereby energizing them and arousing self-repair and self-healing.

Longrich Women’s Energy Shoe (Blue)

Benefits of Longrich APlus Energy Shoe?

We can see the benefits of the a-plus shoes in who the shoes are suitable for;

  • People who become tired easily
  • People suffering from chronic diseases and insomnia
  • Those on constant medication
  • People with an active lifestyle who want to improved performance
  • Nursing mothers so as to promote recovery and lactation
  • People with joint issues, arthritis, rheumatism, etc
  • Stroke patients
  • Cervical/lumbar spondylosis patients
  • People with hormonal imbalance
  • People with painful periods
  • People with cardiovascular diseases (heart diseases)
  • People who are wheelchair-bound
  • People with varicose veins
  • Those with ovarian problems
  • Those with irregular menstruation
  • Women with breast problems
  • Those who are health conscious but have no time to exercise
  • Anyone with degenerative health
  • People with high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, etc

It is no surprise that the world nicknamed it “magic shoes”. With the Longrich a-plus energy shoe, you can never get tired. It is a great shoe for your health.

How Much Is Longrich Energy Shoe?

The Longrich APlus Energy Shoe goes for;

MALE (Aplus Energy Shoe, Gentleman Type C, Black) – N270,000 N288,000

FEMALE (Aplus Energy Shoe, Lady Type E, Black) – N331,000 N234,000

NOTE: Promo ends this week. So hurry to purchase yours now. And it is payment before delivery.

How Can I Buy Longrich A-Plus Energy Shoes?

To purchase the Longrich Energy Shoes, call Otunba on 08079888878 or click here to chat me directly on WhatsApp.


Longrich Shoes are Not Suitable for:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with internal/cerebral/retinal haemorrhage (bleeding)
  • People wearing pacemakers
  • People with high fever

Call Otunba on 08079888878 or click here to chat me directly on WhatsApp to buy Longrich men’s and women’s energy shoes now at the discounted price. It is payment before delivery.