20 Benefits of Longrich Nutri V Rich Pink and Blue


Longrich Nutri V Rich is another top-notch product from Longrich Bioscience Internation. It is a blend of raw and live food with nutrients in natural balance.

Nutri V Rich contains live enzymes, made by lyophilization (freeze-drying) of 45 varieties of grains, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds and fruits organically grown on fertile soil.

Consuming Nutri V Rich will provide a well balanced of nutrients for our body with an abundance of phytochemical and, a full range of vitamins and minerals. It also includes Probiotics, Lactobacillus Bacterium.

There are two types of Longrich Nutri V Rich namely; Nutri V Rich Pink and Nutri V Rich Blue. These two versions have different health benefits.

Generally, Nutri V Rich Pink is for diabetics, hypertensives and for people looking to lose weight. While Nutri V Rich Blue is for everyone including ulcer patients.

20 Health Benefits of Longrich Nutri V Rich Pink

Longrich pink tea, just as its name implies, is pink in colour and its main ingredients include brown rice, sorghum, Job’s tears (scientific name; Coix lacryma-jobi, also known as adlay or adlay millet), black rice, broccoli, spirulina, manganese, black sesame, leeks, laver (seaweeds), etc. It contains all essential elements and trace elements needed by the human body.

  1. It is very good for diabetic & high blood pressure (hypertension) patients
  2. It boosts the immune system
  3. The brown rice in Nutri V Rich Pink is rich in selenium which reduces the risk for developing common illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.
  4. Brown rice is also high in fibre which can prevent colon cancer, stabilises blood sugar levels and thus reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  5. It is effective in the treatment of cancer
  6. It is high in manganese which helps the body synthesize fats and also benefits our nervous and reproductive systems.
  7. For stroke, heart disease, inflammatory condition & rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Create important fatty acids that make a healthy form of cholesterol
  9. The spirulina content has a very high concentration of bio-available iron and is excellent for those with anaemia and stomach ulcer
  10. Selenium reduces cancer development
  11. It promotes cardiovascular health with its contents of sorghum
  12. Antioxidant with blueberries, green tea that stabilize digestion & prevent constipation
  13. It has strong cleansing properties that are effective in detoxifying the liver
  14. Contains Vitamins A, K, B, C, B1, B3, dietary fibre, potassium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorous, magnesium and foliate
  15. Fight gastric ulcer
  16. Broccoli content ensure the presence of a high amount of potassium, which helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system and optimal brain function, as well as promotes regular muscle growth
  17. It is used for treating tumour
  18. Useful in treating colitis, chronic gall bladder disorder and gout
  19. Improves white blood cell during chemotherapy and enhance memory
  20. Leeks (from onion family) contain allicin which reduces cholesterol production by inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme in the liver cells. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal activities.

20 Benefits of Nutri V Rich Blue

The second type of this great, tasty tea is the blue version. Nutri V Rich Blue is also a blend of several raw and organic grains, fruits, vegetables, etc

  1. It is good for low blood pressure (hypotension) patients
  2. Good for cancer patients because it contains brown rice which is rich in selenium & important trace of minerals known to drastically reduce the chances of developing & curing cancer, as well a heart disease, inflammatory condition & rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Prevent postmenopausal breast cancer & also cancer in the bladder, colon, larynx, prostate and cut your risk of lung cancer by up to 50%
  4. Because it is high in manganese, it is beneficial to the nervous and reproductive system
  5. Contains blueberries, green tea & necessary components to stabilize digestion
  6. Reduces the risk of stroke
  7. Detoxify the skin
  8. Anti-ageing
  9. Increases brain function as it contains balanced glucose levels, oxygen, vitamin B1 complex, amino acid, omega 3c and fatty acid
  10. Contains a high concentration of Calcium crucial to bone health.
  11. Reduces stress
  12. Treat lung abscesses, jaundice, diarrhoea and infections such as rotaviral diarrhoea in kids
  13. Reduces altitude sickness by oxygenating the blood
  14. Prevents tumour
  15. A balanced nutritious meal
  16. Burns fat
  17. It prevents and relieves constipation
  18. It contains lactobacillus which is friendly bacterial that lives in our digestive, urinal & genital systems without causing diseases.
  19. It promotes weight loss because of its fibre richness and ability to keep healthy bowel function
  20. Nutri V Rich Blue is generally suitable for those who skip breakfast probably because of a busy lifestyle.

How Much is Longrich Nutri V Rich

Both the pink and blue sells for N42,500 N36,900.

To order for your Longrich Nutri V Rich Pink or Blue, click here to chat on WhatsApp or call 08079888878 and we will have it delivered to your doorstep. It is payment before delivery please.

Direction for use: Pour 1 sachet in 200ml warm water, shake well and drink.

Dosage: Take 1 sachet, 2 times daily with warm water.

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