So You’ve Joined Longrich, What Next?


So you just joined Longrich, congratulations. I personally welcome you onboard Longrich, the best platform that guarantees you a financially free future plus a healthy lifestyle.

I am writing this post today because I have gotten this question from hundreds of people asking what they need to do next after joining Longrich.

And I’ll be using this medium to address that critical question; “what next after joining Longrich?”

10 Things to Do After Joining Longrich to Be Successful

The following tips are what I did immediately I joined Longrich and it really helped me a lot to scale up and succeed in this Longrich business.

#1 – Switch Your Brand

Immediately you signed up and become a member of Longrich, the first thing you are to do is completely switch your brand to that of Longrich.

Many people who joined refused to use Longrich products and that is where the problem lies. How do you talk to someone about a product you do not know how it works? How do you convince someone to use a product you can not defend if questions are thrown at you?

So, don’t just sell all your products for the profit. Try to use some of these products so you can confidently share the uses and benefits.

#2 – Learn About the Company

Your second job as a new member of Longrich is to learn every about the company, Longrich compensation plan, products and their uses.

When I first joined Longrich, I read so much about the company and I watched so many videos on YouTube about Longrich, its products and success stories from old members. So, try to know every about Longrich like when it was founded, who found Longrich, where Longrich is from, their R&D Centers, events, and so on.

#3 – Bring in Your Family

You see, Longrich is a family business. Have you ever seen a small child been awarded a brand new car or earning millions of naira every week? His or her parent must have registered that child.

So the first thing I did immediately I joined Longrich was to register my wife and my 2 kids as my first 3 legs (direct downlines). You too should do the same.

The reason this is important is when you start to build your team, as you are earning your spouse and children are also earning. If you do this the right way, you wouldn’t need to take your own money to pay your children’s school fees anymore.

If you are not married yet, you can register 3 XYZ accounts as your direct downlines. What this means is that you are opening an account right now without a particular name. And it will be changed to the right name in the future. Then by the time you get married and have children, you can then edit and put their names there.

Alternatively, if you do not want to use XYZ account, you can replicate yourself on your 3 legs before you start to recruit others.

In all you do, just make sure that your own account and your first 3 direct downlines all comes back to you and your family. It is sweeter if all 4 accounts are making 1 million naira each every week than making just 1m into one account. You get?

#4 – Create a WhatsApp Group

The next step is to start preaching the good news of Longrich to all and sundry. In order to get started, you should start from your warm market. Your warm markets are your immediate audience, that is, your friends, family, colleagues, relatives, neighbours, church members, NASFAT members, etc.

So go ahead and create your own WhatsApp group where you will be adding your warm markets but before adding them, do the next step first.

#5 – Make a List

Don’t just go ahead and start adding everybody to your WhatsApp training group. Make sure you ask for their consent before adding them.

After joining Longrich, look through your phone contact and write down everyone you think will be able to join you in this business. It should be noted that everyone is a prospect, do not underestimate anybody.

Until you actually take up your pen to write out names, you wouldn’t know how big your contact list is. You should be able to get at least 200 people on your list.

Then after jotting down all these contacts, begin to talk to them one after the other.

Now the mistake most people make is that they start telling people about Longrich over the phone. No, don’t do this, it’s a wrong practice – totally wrong. If you do, they will just throw a big NO to your face.

Instead, just tell them something like; “Hey friend, I’ve just got introduced to an awesome business opportunity and I believe it will be of great value to your bank account if you take a look at it. I’ll add you up to the training group for more details”.

You see, I did not mention ‘networking’ nor did I mentioned ‘Longrich’.

When you tell them or send them that line, they will positively say YES. From here you have three options;

  • Add them to a WhatsApp group chat (which you must have created) and train them or
  • Invite them to a BOT (Business Opportunity Training) if there is any holding at that time or
  • Simply send them your own personalized website (which I must have done for you). If you don’t have your own website yet, chat me up and I’ll have it created for you. This is only available to my team members only – Titan’s Team.

If you choose the WhatsApp group option, you can invite your upline to do the training. If you have the resources, you can as well do the training yourself. This business is a copy and paste business. If you know how to do this well, you will succeed.

If you choose to invite them to a BOT, make sure you also attend and meet with them. If they know you’ll be attending as well, it boosts their interest in attending the event.

And if you sent them your website, the website will do the talking for you. Your job is to follow up on them after they must have gone through your site.

#6 – Social Media

The next step is to take your hustle to your social friends. Some people have up to 5000 friends on Facebook but they are not utilizing it.

See ehn, social media is not for gossiping or socializing alone, make good use of it and make money off it.

Some people are shy about their hustle and they do not want to post about Longrich on Facebook. When you are broke will those people feed you?

Post about your Longrich business, don’t be shy about it. Longrich is a multinational company with over 2000 quality products, why should you be shy to promote this type of company?

Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other places you can think of, but do not spam.

#7 – Online Forum

A good place you can also post about your Longrich business is online forums. The number 1 online forum in Nigeria is Nairaland.

Visit and register a free account if you don’t have one yet and start posting about your business in the Business section of the forum.

#8 – Promote Your Website

Once you join Longrich Nigeria through me and you are ready to work the business, you are eligible to get your own free customized website for recruiting. Promote your site and let the site do the talking, while you relax and register them under you.

#9 – Attend Seminars and Invite

Invite, invite, invite. Whenever there is Longrich seminar or events in a particular area, check through your list of contacts and see who stays in that area. If you find any, invite them to the event.

It doesn’t have to be the same state you reside in, just invite them and follow them up. This particular method really helped me a lot. If I hear there is going to be a seminar in Abuja, I’ll quickly talk to my friends over there in Abuja to attend the business training, then I’ll follow them up so they are not hijacked by someone else.

And then, there is nothing like self-development. And how do you develop yourself if you do not attend seminars or training?

Whenever you hear there is going to be a seminar or training in your city, always endeavour to attend. Do not miss the opportunity a bit. It will help to build your confidence and also to learn more about the business.

#10 – Follow Up Always

In any business, the money is in the follow-up and that is why you see big companies doing retargeting adverts every now and then.

It is normal for someone not to accept your business ideas the first time you talk to them about it. In fact, a school of thought said it takes, on average, 7 times for someone to actually show interest in whatever you are selling.

Like I always say, there are only two reasons you should stop following up on your prospects;

  • If they have finally joined your business or
  • If they are dead (God forbid, amen)

I’ve heard a Longrich Star Director said she follows up on one of her teammates for good one year. So always follow up no matter the number of months it is going to take you.

#11 – Brace Up – You Will Hear Plenty NOs

I have a bonus point before you go…

Yes, you will be disappointed because you will hear many NOs. Friends and families might even mock you for choosing Longrich but don’t worry, they will come back begging you to teach them how you are doing it.

So brace up, be ready to accept no as an answer because in the midst of plenty NOs is a YES.

And most importantly, do NOT quit. Do NOT give up on your Longrich business. Just like any other business, the beginning is the only toughest part, once you scale through, the sky will be your beginning.

Remember you can not do it alone. Your success in Longrich is determined by how far and how well you raise leaders. Build a team and duplicate yourself by teaching them everything you know and in no time you will be raking in millions every week.

Do you want to join Longrich? WhatsApp me right now on +2348079888878 and let me get you started.