How to Join Longrich in Nigeria


So you’ve heard so much about Longrich, how to make money and you are set to join or register with Longrich Nigeria in order to start making money.

However, before we proceed, I will like to point out some facts you need to know before showing you how to join Longrich Nigeria or how to register in any country that you are.

Longrich Bioscience Internation, a Chinese company founded in 1986, is not just a multi-level marketing company as most people thought. Longrich is first a manufacturing company producing over 2000 top quality products for top brands and companies. The category of products Longrich produces include cosmetics, households items, consumables, supplements, furniture, etc. Longrich is also into other business such as furniture, real estates, etc.

Some major clients of Longrich include; GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK), Unilever, Walmart, Adidas, Tesco, Elizabeth Arden, Marks & Spencer, Lion, Lancome, Pro-Health, H.E.B, Carrefour, Estee Lauder and so much more.

You can watch the video below (start from 40 secs) and then continue to read this blog post for detailed information.

Longrich Bioscience International, which was founded by Mr Xu Zhiwei, only started direct selling (multi-level marketing) about 10 years ago and started in Nigeria in 2012. This is where we all come in.

Longrich is a business platform established to inform, educate, and empower millions of people all over the world to attain financial freedom and achieve their dreams.

Now, Longrich provides us with a leverage platform where we can all make money, a lot of it, just by partnering with Longrich International.

So How Do I Make Money Partnering With Longrich?

Yes, this is what you’ve been waiting for, I know. Now read carefully.

This is what Longrich requires of you… switch your brand to that of Longrich, share the good news with friends, family and colleagues and you get paid by Longrich.

Let me explain further in a simpler way;

See Longrich as a shopping mall like the popular Shoprite we are all familiar with. In Shoprite, you go there to buy your daily consumables like toothpaste, soaps, creams, roll-on, wine, etc. And after buying, Shoprite tells you ‘thank you and come again’, right?

But in Longrich, whenever you shop with us, we give you a special code and tell you, help us tell your friends, family and colleagues to come shop with us, and each time they do, at the end of each week, Longrich appreciates your effort for telling these people about our shop by paying you some bonuses in cash.

If Shoprite was paying us each time we shopped with them and refer others there, you can imagine how much we all would have made, because we will gladly tell anyone who cares to listen what Shoprite is doing.

The sad news is… in Shoprite, whether you refer 1000 or 1 million people, you don’t get a dime from them. What a wasted effort!

However, with Longrich, you will get paid, in millions, every week for whatever those you referred are doing in Longrich. Longrich says use our products, invite others and get paid weekly.


  • Instead of buying or using that your usual toothpaste (Close Up, Maclean, Pepsodent, etc), buy Longrich Toothpaste.
  • Instead of buying that your usual toilet soap (like Tetmosol, Eva, Joy, Carat, Dettol, etc), buy Longrich Bamboo Black Soap.
  • Instead of buying those your usual wine, buy Longrich Vintage Wine.
  • Instead of buying your usual body cream, buy Longrich SOD Cream.
  • Instead of buying your usual sanitary pad (like Always, Lady Care, etc), buy and use Longrich Sanitary Pads.

I mean… the list is endless.

Another important thing to note is that Longrich products are pure organic products, they prevent and cure illnesses, something your usual products can not do.

After switching your brand to that of Longrich, recommend the products to others. In Longrich, you only need just 3 people to register through you, then teach those your 3 people to also do the same.

I mean… who does not know 3 people? As an individual, I believe you know up to 200 people or even more. Friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, church members, NASFAT members, neighbours, family members, etc. I’m sure getting just 3 out of all these people won’t be difficult.

In addition, one of the reasons you should join our Longrich team; Team Titans, is because we help each other grow. Like this blog now, it remains here till eternity and thousands of people are reading this article on a daily basis.

Now, think of it, I already had my 3 people. I can not add anyone again. So what I do is to put any interested person under one of my team members to help that person grow because we rise by lifting others.

So if you are reading this now, quickly join Longrich by chatting me up on WhatsApp with 08079888878 so you can register quickly. The earlier the better as others that are coming in will be placed under you. It doesn’t get better than this. Making money has never been this simple and easy!

Now that you know about Longrich, how to make money using the Longrich platform, let us look into what you stand to benefit as a Longrich partner or distributor.

What’s In It for Me if I Join Longrich?

There are multiple ways to earn and achieve your dreams on the Longrich platform. This is the reason we are seeing the massive success stories from partners all over the world.

  1. Wealth creation via team leverage (weekly income earnings)
  2. No time frame (no pressure)
  3. No compulsory monthly purchases (target)
  4. No auto-ship (forced monthly purchase)
  5. Weekly bonus payment (green Thursday)
  6. Grow at your own pace
  7. No flushing of points. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
  8. Leadership easily achieved
  9. Qualify for university & executive MBA scholarship abroad
  10. All expense paid trips, 4 times every year
  11. Car awards yearly
  12. 25M house award
  13. Become a director in a multinational company
  14. Total wellbeing.

Now that you have read and understood all about Longrich and how the money is made, let us quickly look at the different entry levels so you can decide how you want to join.

Longrich Nigeria Entry Levels

To become a registered member of Longrich, there are different entry levels you can choose from and this is divided into 3 categories; Investors, Distributors and Preferred Customers.

#1: Join Longrich as an Investors

You invest in Longrich by becoming a Stockist. As a stockist, you will earn monthly by selling Longrich products to distributors and preferred customers of Longrich. As a Stockist, you are a Longrich shop owner in an area and you retail only Longrich products.

We have many celebrities, politicians and wealthy people who are rushing Longrich investment program and the reason is not far-fetched, you make money selling to a market that is already waiting for you to open. You need about ₦3.5m to ₦40m to join the different level of stockist.

For more detailed information on becoming a stockist, it benefits and how to get started, kindly see Longrich Investment Program.

#2: Join Longrich as a Distributor

The second option is joining Longrich as a distributor. This is where the majority of Longrich members fall in. If you want to join Longrich, use the products and make money teaching others the same, then you are joining as a distributor or partner.

To join Longrich as a distributor, there are 6 major entry levels and they are;

VIP: You buy products with a total Point Value of 1680. This will cost you about ₦700k to ₦800k.

Platinum: To become a Platinum member, you purchase products worth 720PV which cost about ₦300k to ₦400k.

Gold: You buy product totalling 240PV with about ₦100k to ₦150k to become a Gold member.

Silver: Buy product worth 120PV with about ₦50k to ₦80k.

Fast Rich Pack: This is a combination of products worth ₦41k with 60PV. The products of FRP is fixed and you do not have the option of selecting your own products here. You earn ₦8,000 for referring someone with Fast Rich Pack.

Q-Silver: To become a Q-Silver, buy products worth 60PV costing about ₦25k to ₦40k.

However, we don’t want to leave anyone out of the business and we’ve introduced a student package called Starter Combo. For those who can not start with any of the above entry levels, we have a Starter Combo for a lesser price but you will not earn any bonus on your team’s activities until you upgrade. However, you will earn ₦2,700 each for everyone who joins under your team with a Starter Combo as well.

Starter Combo – ₦9,800 (4PV) – earns ₦2,700 on Starter Combo only.

Longrich Nigeria Compensation Plan

How exactly is the money made in Longrich? This is the most interesting part because we all want to see how we earn the millions in Longrich International.

Longrich has about 10 different compensation plans and incentives and I’ll be explaining this below.

10 Ways to Earn in Longrich


1. Performance Bonus (8%- 12%)
2. Development Bonus (10%)
3. Leadership Bonus (10%- 45%)
4. Retail/Repeat Bonus


This varies according to country but for Nigeria it is;

  • Fast Rich Pack Bonus
  • Mini Combo Bonus and
  • Starter Combo Bonus

– Rich Pack Bonus

– Starter Bonus


6. VIP INCENTIVE (1% Monthly Global sales) shared amongst ACTIVE VIP members.

7. WORLDWIDE INCENTIVE (2.5% Monthly Global sales)

  • 1% Travel – D4 and Above
  • 1% Car – D6 and Above
  • 0.5% House – D7 and Above

8. STAR DIRECTOR INCENTIVE (1% Monthly global sales)

This incentive is shared amongst Star Directors (SD) according to ranking and accrued monthly.

  • SD5- 0.05%
  • SD4- 0.10%
  • SD3- 0.20%
  • SD2- 0.30%
  • SD1- 0.35%

9. SCHOLARSHIP: All Diamond 7 and SD partners are entitled to nominate themselves or anybody of their choice to do a degree program at Soochow University China.

10. EXECUTIVE MBA PROGRAMME FOR STAR DIRECTORS: You get to study an MBA program in the United States, all-expense-paid by Longrich.

The mainstream bonuses are the same worldwide while Sponsor/Referral bonuses vary from country by country.


Performance bonus is usually the biggest of the four mainstream bonuses and it’s paid WEEKLY according to your entry level.

  • VIP and PLATINUM earn 12% weekly
  • GOLD earns 10% weekly
  • SILVER and Q-SILVER earn 8% weekly.
Explanation of Performance and Development Bonuses

How is Performance Bonus calculated?

Performance Bonus is paid on the total PVs generated on the bonus legs per week.

BONUS LEGS are the 2 legs with the least cumulative PVs.

This is how to know your bonus legs at any point in time.

You are paid PB on total PVs generated by the 2 bonus legs weekly till infinity.


Mr Ekene, a VIP member, generated the following PVs in a week;

  • Leg A – 6000PV
  • Leg B – 8000PV
  • Leg C – 2000PV

Calculating the Performance Bonus using the above figures as a VIP member;

6000 + 2000 = 8000 x 12% = 960$

For this particular week, Ekene will earn $960.

This amount is converted to the local currency by Longrich’s prevailing exchange rate and credited to the distributor’s account.

For Nigeria, our exchange rate is ₦200, so we have $960 x ₦200 = ₦192,00

#3: Join Longrich as a Preferred Customer

For those who are not interested in making money with Longrich, but you love our products because they are of top quality and organic, you can still come in by being a Preferred Customer.

As a preferred customer, you purchase whatever product you’d wish to buy, get registered for free and get your own membership code. Use this code whenever you want to buy any Longrich products from any stockist shop anywhere in the world.

If you don’t want to make money with us but just to use our products, contact me on WhatsApp 08079888878 to get your code.

How to Join Longrich Nigeria

Becoming a Longrich partner or distributor is quite simple.

Simply choose from any of the entry level above that you can afford right now, then choose your preferred products that tally with the allotted Product Value (PV). I can assist you through product selection and others, just chat me up on WhatsApp 08079888878.

Then, pay the corresponding amount straight to Longrich Zenith Bank account;

  • Bank Name: Zenith Bank
  • Account Name: Longliqi International Nig. Ltd
  • Account Number: 1012908177

NOTE: You can either deposit at the bank or do an online transfer to the above company’s account.

After payment, send your payment proof to Otunba’s WhatsApp number: 08079888878.

For the proof of payment, if you do deposit at the bank, snap your teller. If you do an online transfer, screenshot the ‘transaction successful’ page and send to Otunba.

Then you will be sent Longrich Registration Form which you will fill and send back. Then you will be registered into Longrich and your Membership Code will be sent to you together with your Back Office login details.

One important reason you should join Longrich today, and most importantly to join under the TEAM TITANS is because we help our teammates grow. We know that if you don’t grow and make money, we won’t as well.

So, as a team member of Longrich Titan’s team;

  • you have access to our secret group where we teach and discuss easy ways to recruit and build your team from scratch.
  • you will have access to all the tools we use in growing our team.
  • we will provide you with your own website which you can send to people who are interested in the business. See, you don’t have to be going up and down or doing one on one if you don’t want to. Let your free website do the talking for you.
  • you will be taught how to use social media to recruit up to 20 people every month.
  • and you will still be given downlines if you still couldn’t get anyone under you.

So do you think Longrich business is for you? I mean you have nothing to lose if you join Longrich and most important if you register through the Team Titans.

Are you ready to redefine your financial status? Act fast as there are over 1720 people reading this post every day. Join now before they do so you can benefit from the spill-over.

How to join Longrich? Choose your preferred entry level and chat me up on WhatsApp 08079888878.